Critical Care & Internal medicine

Critical Care & Internal medicine

The department is led by team of experienced doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, dieticians, technicians, counsellors and support staff. The specially trained doctors and nurses provide full spectrum of critical care services 24*7. All staff members wear identification badges with their name. Together the team provides high quality and safe care in ICUs.

Types of ICU in the facility:

  • Monitoring and recording your Heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels and other relevant clinical parameters
  • Taking regular blood, urine tests
  • Administering medicines and fluids as advised by the treating doctors
  • Monitoring pain score and administering pain reducing medicines
  • Turning your patient in bed every few hours to prevent sores on the skin
  • General care of eyes, mouth, sponging and clearing mucus from chest, dressings as required
  • Provide care of lines and tubes attached to the patient

Equipment Highlights:

  • Monitors and Ventilators ( All beds)
  • Advanced hemodynamic monitoring
  • Echo and ultrasound machine for ICU
  • Difficult intubation cart
  • Point of Care Testing