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Accident and emergency is something that spares no one and knows no discrimination.

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At GLOBAL LONGLIFE HOSPITAL & RESEARCH PVT. LTD., we welcome people all faiths, culture and traditions. We celebrate the contributions of all our employees and strive to create a community of care that brings hope and healing to both caregivers and to those we serve.GLOBAL LONGLIFE HOSPITAL & RESEARCH PVT. LTD. provides and open and positive work ambiance and encourages professional work culture.


Accident and emergency is something that spares no one and knows no discrimination.

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We are provide 24/7 Emergency Services & we care our patients.


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“GLOBAL LONGLIFE HOSPITAL & RESEARCH PVT. LTD.  provides and open and positive work ambiance and  encourages professional work culture.”


Accident and emergency is something that spares no one  KNOW MORE…


In literal terms the word “Cardiology” is the branch of medicine KNOW MORE…


This is a common phenomenon! Children as well as adults are in KNOW MORE…


General Surgery department of Global Hospital (Ahmadabad) KNOW MORE…


Your ears, nose, and throat are all interconnected.  KNOW MORE…


Bariatric is a branch of medicine that deals with the causes, KNOW MORE…


The Department of Nephrology is one of the most advanced, KNOW MORE…


The National Institute of Cancer states that, KNOW MORE…


Our most advanced technological infrastructure , KNOW MORE…


Dr. Shaurin Shah

Dr. Shaurin Shah

Dr. Anjana Chauhan

Dr. Anjana Chauhan

Gynac Consultant
Dr. Pritesh Patel

Dr. Pritesh Patel

General Surgeon

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Accident and emergency is something that spares no one and knows no discrimination. The most unfortunate yet true, this department is the most vital section of any hospital. Patients in need of the services of this department can be of any age, gender, religion or status. The kind of ailments is also variables being poles apart. Accidents not necessarily occur on the streets. It can happen anywhere in any form and with anyone around us. The Accident & Emergency department of Global Hospital is equipped to handle any such case including emergencies involving pediatrics.More Details
The word allergy is associated with the immune system of the body. The damaging of the immune system of the body to any particular substance is termed as an allergy. Allergies are present in many different forms ranging as food allergy, skin allergy, dust allergy, insect sting allergy, pet allergy, eye allergy, latex allergy, mold allergy, drug allergy etcThe Department of allergy and immunology in Global Hospital, Ahmadabad, with great allergy specialists and immunologists provides a comprehensive and a 360 degree approach to the allergic diseases and related conditions.  More Details
The practice of medicine dedicated to the total care of the patient before, during and after the surgical procedures is called anesthesiology. Anesthesiologists should also be experts in resuscitation, pain management and intensive care. Our anesthesiologists in Ahmedabad, provide medical care to the patients in a wide variety of situations, including acute situations.Even outside the operating room, the spectrum of actions an anesthesiologist includes with in-hospital and pre-hospital emergencies, intensive care units, acute pain units, chronic pain consultations.More Details
Bariatric is a branch of medicine that deals with the causes, prevention and treatment of obesity and the surgery conducted on the stomach and / or intestines of a person to help him / her with extreme obesity and lose weight and reach his / her ideal body weight when compared to the height and gender of the patient. The option of surgery pertaining to this anatomical disorder is called Bariatric Surgery. Those who opt for a bariatric surgery should be having a body mass index (BMI) above 40.The decision and process of undergoing a bariatric surgery for a patient is not only a medical process but involves a great deal of emotions. More Details
This injury forms one of the most devastating forms of trauma. Patients with serious burn injury require immediate specialized care to minimize the rate of infection and severe life threatening hazards. The Burns Centre of the hospital is planned and constructed as a self sufficient unit in Global Hospital. It was well thought and implemented to keep the area completely air-conditioned and isolated and is able to provide round – the – clock treatment to all burns patient of all age group in sterile atmosphere.The hospital authorities take special care to keep the area germ free by regular disinfection. More Details
The National Institute of Cancer states that “Cancer is the name given to a collection of related diseases. In all types of cancer, some of the body’s cells begin to divide without stopping and spread into surrounding tissues”.Cancer is a genetic disease and it is caused by changes to the genes that control the way our cells function, especially how they grow and divide. Genetic changes that cause cancer can be inherited from parents. They can also arise as a result of certain environmental exposures.Cancer-causing environmental exposures include substances, such as the chemicals in tobacco smoke, and radiation, such as ultraviolet rays from the sun etc.More Details

Global Hospital , Ahmedabad is Best Among Cardiac Care Hospitals In Ahmedabad

In literal terms the word “Cardiology” is the branch of medicine that deals with the diseases, abnormalities and disorders related to the heart. The Department of Cardiology at Global Hospital, Ahmadabad is one the best heart hospitals in India and provides comprehensive evaluation, consultation, and medical & surgical treatment, supervision and assistance of diseases of the heart and circulatory system.We offer excellent cardiac care to the population with state of the art equipment, skilled physicians and compassionate support team.We offer excellent cardiac care to the population with state of the art equipments, skilled physicians and compassionate support team.More Details

For any critical care services in Ahmedabad, you can undoubtedly come to Global Hospital as the critical care unit here acts like the heart of the hospital. This is well managed and equipped to provide assistance to critical patients as per their severity of their illness. Types of patients in this section of the hospital are those who are in potentially life-threatening conditions and are in need of life support system and other intensive medical interventions. The patients with dysfunction or are facing multiple organ failure, like cardiac, pulmonary, neurology, liver and kidney, amongst others are admitted to the Critical Care Unit (CCU).More Details
Welcome to the Department of Dentistry at Global Hospital – We pledge to protect your smile!!

Seeking out for a dentist in Ahmedabad or a dental surgeon in Ahmedabad? This is a common phenomenon! Children as well as adults are in constant need of correct dental advice. At Global Hospital, this department is dedicated to providing smiles to all its patients by making available the highest quality of dental services. Members of the department consist of consultants and doctors who are general dentists and specialists that provide dental care to both children and adults. Therefore, if you are looking for a dental hospital in Ahmedabad or a dental implants in Ahmedabad,  More Details

“Keep the sweetness in life and away from plates”

Global Hospital is the best in class hospital for the treatment of diabetes in India and Ahmadabad, Gujarat. As the population is aging along with a shift in the lifestyle pattern of people there is a constant prevalence of several diseases like diabetes, obesity and several other disorders related to hormones.The study of the system related to functioning of the hormones and its working and effects on the human body and its disorders is called endocrinology. Diabetes is a condition that occurs due to the lack of proper / required amount of insulin (a hormone secreted by the pancreas). More Details

People when experience ENT problem should likely understand that though it may not be life threatening but can definitely be a troublesome cause of worry to normal living conditions. The most used but also the most neglected parts of our body, the ear, nose and throat provide us with 3 of our 5 senses. Such problems that are usually pushed to corners and do not get treated unless become acute, should be taken into account with immediate effect. People take it for granted, assuming that a sore throat or an ear itch will subside spontaneously.Your ears, nose, and throat are all interconnected.More Details

Medical Gastroenterology

Medical Gastroenterology is the branch of medicine that deals with the disease and disorders of the digestive system. The evolving and chronic disorders of the digestive system prevailing in the ever increasing world of ailments, Global Hospital, is playing its active frontend role in the diagnosis , treatment and the gastrointestinal surgery in Ahmedabad. Our approach is to treat patients through diagnosis of their disease with the help of the most up-dated technology which leads to finally make the treatment smooth,More Details

General Surgery department of Global Hospital (Ahmedabad ,India) deals with pre-operative, operative and post-operative management of surgical problems of all kinds and primarily with those in relation to the abdomen, alimentary canal etc. Most emergency cases where patients are critically ill or injured are brought in here and are stabilized before the next level of treatment. Our highly experienced team of general surgeons is expert to handle all such critical situations that arrive at the hospital. The doctors are specially trained to conduct emergency surgeries which contain excessive bleeding, bowel obstructions, organ perforations, burns and abdominal trauma. Apart from emergencies, they also routinely carry out operations for complications such as More Details
The truth of old age and the complications of health and its rectification is something that breaks on every individual sooner or later. When struck with the burden of age clubbed with an ailment, what our elderly needs, is a little more care and comfort than the general mass of people. Here at our hospital, it is equally important for us to take care of the elderly patients as it is for the children, and in order to serve this right, the department of Geriatrics surgeons Ahmadabad, Gujarat has been put into place for maintaining physical and mental well being of elderly population.More Details
Good hair transplant services in Ahmedabad are much needed these days backed by a good hair transplant surgeon in Ahmedabad. This is a surgical technique that moves individual hair follicles from a part of the body called the ‘donor site’ to a bald or balding part of the body known as the ‘recipient site’. It is primarily used to treat male pattern baldness. This is a minimally invasive procedure. Hair Transplant does not increase the total number of your hair in the scalp because here we redistribute the hair from the back in such a way that you grow sufficient hair on the hair loss area to look good without the Donor area looking bad.More Details
“Though we get most infected by a SMILE; there are infections we must avoid”

The struggle against the infectious diseases reduces the length and quality of lives worldwide. Our goal is to provide the highest quality care while helping patients manage their conditions. Our division has great Infectious Disease Specialist in Ahmadabad in this hospital which addresses this struggle through research, patient care, prevention, and education. The department of infectious diseases in Global Hospital is committed towards providing comprehensive, individualized consultative services for adults. Our motto is to create maximum awareness towards the protection and prevention of infectious diseases among adults of all age groups.More Details

Internal Medicine department is a specialty department that deals with the patient holistically and not just a particular organ system, and covers diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases in adults. It encompasses all illnesses which do not require surgery. It includes primary as well as secondary healthcare management of a patients’ health. Hosting this department or being a part of this department involves in-depth knowledge of all sub specialties of Medicine. The department has regular outpatient clinics for routine and day to day problems.More Details

Welcome to one of the best nephrology hospitals in ahmedabad, gujarat

The branch of medicine that deals with the study, diagnosis, treatment and care of kidneys is called nephrology. The Department of Nephrology is one of the most advanced units of Global Hospital having a great team of nephrologists in Ahmedabad. This being one of the best kidney hospitals in India, the department is backed by its state-of-the-art equipment and the facility is dedicated to deliver total renal care to all its patients and delivers appropriate medical treatment as and when required, dialysis or transplantation.More Details

Our most advanced technological infrastructure backed with highly experienced doctors and The dedication to understanding the nervous system through research and how it can impact clinical care has defined Global Hospital as the best hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in Ahmedabad. This department of Global Hospital is designed to provide the highest levels of professional expertise in all disciplines of neurosciences/neurosurgery through an integrated team of neurologists dedicated towards providing total patient care. The department has emerged as one of the most comprehensive neurological centers of its kind, More Details
“If a river is the base of civilization; a woman is the source of civilization”

As medical professionals of the present century, it is our prime focus to provide utmost health, well-being, care and support to this source of ultimate civilization. Our department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology in Ahmedabad is specialized in ante natal care of expectant mothers, gynaecological problems, problems associated with menarche and menopause, infertility, loop insertion and removal, etc.More Details

“Keep Your Vision Clear — The world is beautiful”

This is one of the finest and the most progressive departments of this hospital and is equipped with the best diagnostic and surgical sections and wards maintaining protocols of global standards of hygiene and sanitation. This department in the Hospital serves just right to fulfill its commitment of providing seamless light to all its patients to the best of its ability. Our experienced ophthalmologists bring the best eye care treatment solutions and are relentlessly providing evidence of personalized services with warm and friendly approach resulting in an excellent outcomes and patient satisfaction.More Details

Each one of us has experienced pain at one time or another in their lives. Pain of any kind always has a severe impact on one’s quality of life.Pain medicine is the medical way of treating and eliminating chronic and acute physical discomfort caused by injury, illness or medical treatment. In many different aspects the management of pain can become a part of the actual treatment process. Pain medicine does not actually cure the injury or ailment causing it, but it can definitely make the symptoms tolerable. Pain management can also be of help for those who wish to avoid surgical procedures. This can be done by managing the pain associated with certain conditions that may possibly subside over time. Some patients are able to self-manage their pain through a broad range of highly effective methods.More Details
Celebrate childhood for a lifetime

Childhood is a time for every individual for growth, development and maturation of the various organs in the body. Years of training and experience apart from medical training is needed to recognize the difference between normal variants and what is actually pathological. Beginning at birth and continuing through infancy and childhood through adolescence, we provide a comprehensive and coordinated care to children all through different stages of their growth span.More Details

Introducing Best Knee & Other Joints Replacement System

Knee replacement and other Joint replacement are surgeries often suggested by doctors and it is becoming one of the most common surgeries these days. But what makes any Multispeciality or Superspeciality hospital best hospital in knee or joint replacement in Ahmedabad or for that matter in Gujarat, India?.Best infrastructure, best doctors, best support & nursing staff are very important aspects but what is needed is Complete System, starting from consulting to healing! More Details

“Correct your mind and the rest of your life will fall into place” — Dr. Wayne Dyre

Illness is not always visible and not always visibly painful, but this does not change the fact that there is an ailment which is equally painful. We at Global Hospital, Ahmedabad aim towards achievement of total health solution for our patients and this remains incomplete without aiding for the mental health as well. We emphasize the fact that mental illness are curable and ‘Effective caring’ reduce the suffering of the ill.More Details

Pulmonology is classified as an internal medicine subspecialty with specific knowledge and training to diagnose and treat patients with lung diseases as well as chest infections and breathing problems.The department of Pulmononlogy having expert pulmonologists in Ahmedabad specializes in all types of diseases lungs and breathing disorders. It focuses on the treatment of sleep-breathing disorders, pulmonary hypertension, lung transplants etc. Apart from those mentioned, the division is also equipped to manage various other respiratory ailments. More Details
Rheumatology is a multi-organ specialty of internal medicine devoted to treatment of rheumatic diseases. Clinicians specializing in study and treatment of rheumatology are called rheumatologists, they deal with problems involving of the joints, soft tissues, autoimmune diseases etc. Many of these diseases are now known to be disorders of the immune system, and rheumatology is increasingly the study of immunology.Few of the several symptoms in Patients that needs to be taken into account and motivate the consultation of a rheumatologist for proper evaluation and accurate diagnosis and management are:More Details
“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”

This age old saying though may be true to a great extent but it plays a vital role in the building and losing of confidence of an individual. It helps people to have a better image of their own by boosting self-confidence. Cosmetic Surgery changes the way how a person may be looking at himself / herself or just how the world looks at them. Looking for a great Skin Clinic In Ahmedabad? To help our patients to keep with their confidence, we work through this department comprises of Plastic surgeons in Ahmedabad to provide various services of surgery that involves a complete realm of surgical and non surgical processes. More Details

Urology is the medical and surgical specialty that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the urinary tracts of pediatrics and adults the reproductive system of males. Professionals specializing in urology are called urologists and are trained to treat patients with related disorders. The organs covered for treatment under this department include the kidneys, adrenal glands, ureters, urinary bladder, urethra and the male reproductive organs.This department makes Global Hospital one of the best Urology hospitals of the city having best urologists in Ahmadabad. More Details


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I came to India for my Coronary Angiography. The surgery has been done with great care and expertise. I am really happy with all the services and facilities provided by the Global Hospital. I am really happy to see that Global Hospital is having latest technological instruments and world-class healthcare services. I would refer more and more people from my country to visit Global Hospital for their or their loved


Global Hospital is the best!! Doctors are keen, good and kind. I am also planning to bring my child here for the treatment for her hearing problem. I have been properly checked and treated. All services, facilities are superb.


I have been successfully treated for Coronary Angiography at Global Hospital. It’s been worth coming to Ahmedabad Global Hospital. It really provided me with the world class services and facilities. I would highly recommend my countrymen to get their treatment done at Global Hospital Ahmedabad. India.


We were given very good pick up and drop services from the airport and on the arrival we were given very good rooms. I have been operated for Kidney Transplant at Global Hospital, Ahmedabad. The nurses and doctors are friendly people and they took good care of us it and it made our stay worthwhile. They embrace us as their own and we feel like we are at home. Right from the admission till the discharge, the experience has been very good.


I have Endoscopy got done at Global Hospital Ahmedabad. All the staff that took care of me was simply outstanding. My overall experience here was excellent. The Hospital provided me with world-class facilities and great assistance.