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“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”

This age old saying though may be true to a great extent but it plays a vital role in the building and losing of confidence of an individual. It helps people to have a better image of their own by boosting self-confidence. Cosmetic Surgery changes the way how a person may be looking at himself / herself or just how the world looks at them. Looking for a great Skin Clinic In Ahmedabad? To help our patients to keep with their confidence, we work through this department comprises of Plastic surgeons in Ahmedabad to provide various services of surgery that involves a complete realm of surgical and non surgical processes. With its complete state of the art infrastructure the department makes Global hospital one the best destinations for Plastic surgery in Ahmedabad.

Skin and cosmetic surgery in Ahmedabad has gained immense popularity in the recent past and is not restricted to be undergone by celebrities alone. Our affordable structure has worked to break the myth and that beauty is deserved by all not alone by a single segment of people. Such kind of surgery is not only about the aesthetics and beautification but also deals with restoring function in various defects either by birth or acquired deformities following a trauma etc. The procedure involves the aesthetic and functional elements of surgery. The experienced hands of the surgeons smoothly engage in molding and reshaping of bones, tissues, cartilage, muscle etc.

Services and procedures we offer include
  • Reconstructive surgery


  • Tumor extraction


  • Trauma


  • Congenital


  • Microdermabrasion


  • Laser resurfacing procedures


  • Mild chemical peels


  • Fillers or Botox etc.





  • Cosmetic surgery



  • Abdominoplasty – reshaping of abdomen


  • Blepharoplasty – reshaping of eyelids


  • Mammoplasty


  • Breast resuction


  • Suction assisted lipectomy etc.