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“Correct your mind and the rest of your life will fall into place” — Dr. Wayne Dyre

Illness is not always visible and not always visibly painful, but this does not change the fact that there is an ailment which is equally painful. We at Global Hospital, Ahmedabad aim towards achievement of total health solution for our patients and this remains incomplete without aiding for the mental health as well. We emphasize the fact that mental illness are curable and ‘Effective caring’ reduce the suffering of the ill.

The department includes several clinical and research programs to address almost every aspect of disorders pertaining to psychiatry – the brain diseases that are also known as mental illness – including depression, schizophrenia, and a host of other disorders such as anxiety, panic, attention deficit, bipolar disorder, etc. We are a clinically rich department and focus on a wide range of problems. We are dedicated to excellent patient care at the department.

Our trained team consists of eminent psychiatrists and psychologists, occupational therapist, nursing staff and attendants. We take no chances with the patient’s health and make sure to extend the best care with dignity. Even in times of illness physical restraints are minimized and the attendants are educated adequately who attend the department and patients. The patients are regularly guided and evaluated for progress in health and counseling sessions are conducted for various problems. In order to achieve the desired results we work in THREE different stages for the best outcome.


  • Caring for patients


  • Conducting Research


  • Educating professionals & relatives



Apart from the regular inpatients and outpatient services our department is always on its toes to liaison with other departments for possible counseling required for patients undergoing emotional disturbances of any sort like in case of accidents survivors, cancer patients, burn survivors etc. This department works closely with the department of Accident and Emergency and also with the Trauma Centre of the Hospital to provide the required amount of assistance.