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  • The accuracy of every test conducted and is as important as the diagnosis of the patient’s disease and its treatment. The Pathology Service bridges science and clinical medicine to provide full clinical and research services. This department acts as the backbone services of the hospital by keeping active round the clock with its well managed team of experts who are certified and experienced professionals.


  • At Global Hospital we host one of the best and most modern laboratories in the region. Its quality and accuracy of reports serves as a standard benchmark clinicians and patients. The laboratory is equipped with the most ultra modern and technically advanced equipments and automated equipments from leading manufacturers across the world that has reduced human interference to minimum thereby minimizing the error count.


  • Our technical team of staff is fully committed to maintain the high standard of work and accuracy of reports. To achieve this, the laboratory is always vigilant and a rigid over quality control system.


  • The department is manned and supported by qualified consultants and technicians at all times to support smooth functioning of other specialized departments.