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Each one of us has experienced pain at one time or another in their lives. Pain of any kind always has a severe impact on one’s quality of life.

Pain medicine is the medical way of treating and eliminating chronic and acute physical discomfort caused by injury, illness or medical treatment. In many different aspects the management of pain can become a part of the actual treatment process. Pain medicine does not actually cure the injury or ailment causing it, but it can definitely make the symptoms tolerable. Pain management can also be of help for those who wish to avoid surgical procedures. This can be done by managing the pain associated with certain conditions that may possibly subside over time. Some patients are able to self-manage their pain through a broad range of highly effective methods.

We feature highly trained pain relief specialists in Ahmedabad, who focus on relieving the pain, and/or any lifestyle or environmental conditions that may be causing, contributing to, or adding to it. We employ the most effective techniques to ease or completely eliminate pain at times making our way for best pain clinic in India . No one procedure is right for every patient Our customized treatment plans are created through an interdisciplinary medical approach, which can include a combination of therapies as the need may be.

Pain Medicine Department treats a range of conditions, including
  • Neck and Low-Back Pain


  • Herniated Disc


  • Spinal Stenosis


  • Sciatica
  • Extremity pain


  • Neuralgia


  • Cancer Pain etc.