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Suresh Jani – Chairman and M.D

Dear Stakeholders,

We started our journey 6 years ago determined to build an institution that would offer to every human being, high quality healthcare at affordable prices right here in Ahmadabad. Healthcare that would be comparable to the best available in the state of Gujarat. I can look back today and say with satisfaction that we are growing in right direction for the accomplishment of that mission. We have earned the trust of thousands of people over the years by helping people across the country as well as from outside India.


We have left no stone unturned during this time to provide them the appropriate care to ease their suffering and protect their well-being. In a country like India where a large proportion of the population lives in rural towns and villages, innovation in healthcare delivery is critical. I have always said that the human body is priceless; that it is important to keep one’s body healthy and pursue wellness in everyday life. In recent years, Non-Communicable Diseases have fast become a roadblock to wellness. This is India’s biggest healthcare burden, and if neglected, can overwhelm the general population and become a severe threat to the country’s productivity and socioeconomic progress. We believe, we have a responsibility in fighting this menace. We have already differentiated ourselves at every touch point of the Patient Care cycle and our patient outcomes are comparable to the best in the world.


We have tie-ups with more than ten reputed corporate and with the State Government of Gujarat for providing health care services at our hospital. We have served more than 1250 patients in OT. We are making great effort to increase awareness in these areas for early detection and screening and have provided high quality diagnostic facilities in their own neighbourhoods and through connecting with foreign patients in terms of Medical Tourism. The first of its kind initiative will leverage the benefits of digitalization of healthcare and render hope to rural India. Moving forward with the conviction that our efforts at innovation, clinical expertise, medical excellence and tender loving care are not just restricted to treating a particular symptom, disease or patient but rather to holistically improving the overall health quotient of our patients. Our focus is to have a dominant market presence over the next 2 years by delivering superior clinical outcomes and service standards. Growth in our Healthcare Services has been led by strong momentum. I thank you all for the trusts you have reposed in our hospitals and thank each and every stakeholder for their continued support in our journey. I wish you and your families all the very best of health and wellness.

Mr. Dhruv Jani

Mr. Dhruv Jani, Director of the Company, the visionary son of Our CMD Mr. Suresh Jani, is a deft businessman who is an integral part of Global Hospital’s Strategy &Procurement. In addition to this, he insights manifold of businesses such as Cotton Ginning, Real Estate &international Oil trade. He thrives to scale up Global Hospital with his get to go attitude.

Message From Mr. Dhruv Jani

We at Global Hospital focus on attracting, nurturing and retaining the best medical and nursing talent, and enhancing their capabilities through continuous training, is a priority for us. As is building a collaborative, meritocratic and satisfying work culture that empowers the talented to succeed in every sphere of healthcare delivery, be it medical sciences, diagnostics, nursing, hospital administration or the various disciplines of management. Above all, we value institution builders who are willing to walk the extra mile for our patients.”

Sucheta Jani

Sucheta Jani, Director of the Company and an insignificant person at Global Hospital, who manages the Patient Care & Feedback Management system of the hospital. She has contributed towards upscale of the Feedback Systems Through rigorous follow-up’s and digitizing a platform helping the hospital understand the patient needs and addressing to them in the most professional and fast manner. Making Patient Admission and Discharge a delightful experience.


Message From Mrs. Sucheta Jani

“The healthcare sector in India has undergone a sea change, and continues to address the many challenges. One of Them Is Patient Service. Ensuring a delightful overall customer experience was a big challenge. We at Global Hospital have evolved seamless methods of customer Service & feedback procedures, which have helped us provide a delightful experience making us stand out from the market and we continuously thrive to keep challenging ourselves to ensure improvement on a day-to-day and also looking at opportunities that lie ahead.”

Dr. Shaurin Shah

Dr. Shaurin Shah, M.D, D.M(Cardiologist), Interventional, Cardiologist, Director of the company, studied at Asia’s largest hospital, B.J. medical college, Civil hospital Ahmadabad.
He has done DM cardiology at U.N. Mehta hospital and served as an assistant professor cardiology at U.N. Mehta hospital. He has vast experienced in clinical cardiology, 2D echo cardiology and all common, peripheral & structure intervention. He has published various research articles in indexed journal.

Message From Dr. Shaurin Shah

“To provide world standard healthcare solutions to the community by leveraging advances in medical research science and technology and adoption of best management practices.
We believe that Global Hospital has a responsibility to: Ensure access to superior quality integrated health care for our community and expand access for underserved populations within the community. Create a supportive team environment for patients, employees, and clinical staff.”

Mr. Rajesh Agrawal

Mr. Rajesh Agrawal, Director of the Company, is an integral part of Global Hospital who manages the Sourcing Division. He has been apt with his sharp business acumen in procurement and taking decisions pertaining to feasibility and profitability. He has helped Global Hospital grow multifold in terms of revenue. In addition, Mr. Agrawal is a renowned, sharp businessman who ventures in to Chemical and real estate Business’s and has wings spread not only in Gujarat but also in various other parts of India and overseas.

Message From Mr. Rajesh Agrawal

“To ensure that all our patients receive the best care, we have brought together a superb team of operations and technical staff, who have proven their credentials time and again. Our top-class clinicians are ably supported by the very latest technologies and a strong enabling infrastructure, aiding them to comply with global standards and protocols, to deliver superior medical care and outcomes.”

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