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“The body is the temple of the soul — Care for it”

The term lifestyle however, ignores broader aspects contributing to the menace like the social, economic, and environmental determinants while inadvertently “blaming the victim”. There is a series of associated chronic diseases often attributed to modern lifestyles. Though it is a common talk of the town in almost all gatherings but a lifestyle disorder is not something that is restricted only to the adults. With increasing dependency and involvement of gadgets not leaving behind adolescents and teenagers, activity and lack of proper exercise clubbed with wrong and unhealthy eating habits has made life easy and living difficult.

India faces the twin onslaught of various infectious diseases of underdeveloped world and unhappy life style disease of the developed world. Adoption of healthy life style and healthy food habits with innovative applications of preventive strategies is the need of the hour. At Global Hospital, Ahmedabad, being the best multi specialty hospital in India of the hosts a department dedicated to this problem. We put our best efforts to create awareness of the issue in our patients and guide through a transformation to a healthier option of life to help them avoid the long term and more effects of the severity.

We have a team of the best Doctors and Consultants who are constantly supported by the Counselors and Psychologists to help the patients become sensitive towards the adverse effects when treating their surfaced illness at the same time. In this way the department works in two stages with the patients, one the preventive and the other being the maintenance of the health engineering system.