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The truth of old age and the complications of health and its rectification is something that breaks on every individual sooner or later. When struck with the burden of age clubbed with an ailment, what our elderly needs, is a little more care and comfort than the general mass of people. Here at our hospital, it is equally important for us to take care of the elderly patients as it is for the children, and in order to serve this right, the department of Geriatrics surgeons Ahmedabad, Gujarat has been put into place for maintaining physical and mental well being of elderly population.

With an expertise to conduct all geriatric evaluations, the team is well manned and well trained to impart aged patients a sense of comfort for family and their well wishers. This department is a sub specialty of Internal Medicine and aims to promote health among senior citizens by preventing and treating diseases and disabilities like diabetes in older adults. The need for geriatric care however is not decided by the hospital demarked by the age of the patient. This decision is left with the patient and their family members.

Though the division is a part of internal medicine yet it varies immensely as it is focused to unique needs of the elderly. The physiological anatomy of such patients is different making things even more difficult with the declining organ systems. Major geriatric problems include immobility, instability, incontinence and impaired intellect memory. The most common problems being impaired vision and hearing loss which also leads to isolation, depression and dependence.

Here we make all the required efforts to treat such patients with utmost care and ensure that the treatments are not only restricted to medical and physiotherapy help and supervision, but should also support them with psychological understanding, counseling and rehabilitation. So, if you are looking for Geriatrics hospitals In Ahmedabad, Global Hospital is the right place for your parents.