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General Surgery department of Global Hospital (Ahmedabad ,India) deals with pre-operative, operative and post-operative management of surgical problems of all kinds and primarily with those in relation to the abdomen, alimentary canal etc. Most emergency cases where patients are critically ill or injured are brought in here and are stabilized before the next level of treatment. Our highly experienced team of general surgeons is expert to handle all such critical situations that arrive at the hospital. The doctors are specially trained to conduct emergency surgeries which contain excessive bleeding, bowel obstructions, organ perforations, burns and abdominal trauma. Apart from emergencies, they also routinely carry out operations for complications such as appendicitis, hernia, gallbladder removal, thyroid and removal of tumors and collaborate with other specialists as per need.

The General Surgery department of Global Hospital comprises of competent surgeons and staff which are best in Ahmedabad and India. Laparoscopic surgical technique is used wherever possible because of its multiple benefits including smaller incisions, lesser post operative discomfort. Quicker recovery and shorter stay in the hospital, faster return to regular routine and minimal scars. A surgeon is a craftsmen and a patient’s confidant to take care of the entire planning process from diagnosis to his recovery. Global hospital, India uses several surgical procedures depending on the type of surgery to be conducted as and when need may arise.