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Welcome to the Department of Dentistry at Global Hospital – We pledge to protect your smile!!

Seeking out for a dentist in Ahmedabad or a dental surgeon in Ahmedabad? This is a common phenomenon! Children as well as adults are in constant need of correct dental advice. At Global Hospital, this department is dedicated to providing smiles to all its patients by making available the highest quality of dental services. Members of the department consist of consultants and doctors who are general dentists and specialists that provide dental care to both children and adults. Therefore, if you are looking for a dental hospital in Ahmedabad or a dental implants in Ahmedabad, we at Global Hospital will take care of you and your children. We offer a full range of dental services including emergency treatment, dental implant, cosmetic dentistry etc. We are committed to delivering cutting-edge care for our patients in a compassionate environment.

The department brings together veteran dentists and oral surgeons with highly-qualified dental residents and auxiliary staff, including dental assistants. The clinic features the best available equipment and dental materials of global standards. It offers general dentistry, as well as orthodontics, implants and oral surgery.

The services of the department include
  • Dental checkups


  • Teeth cleaning /scaling


  • Dental Fillings


  • Tooth extraction


  • Root canal treatment


  • Crowns
  • Bridges


  • Dental implants


  • Braces


  • Solutions for missing teeth


  • Solutions for crooked /misaligned teeth


  • Solutions for smile improvement