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This injury forms one of the most devastating forms of trauma. Patients with serious burn injury require immediate specialized care to minimize the rate of infection and severe life threatening hazards. The Burns Centre of the hospital is planned and constructed as a self sufficient unit in Global Hospital. It was well thought and implemented to keep the area completely air-conditioned and isolated and is able to provide round – the – clock treatment to all burns patient of all age group in sterile atmosphere.

The hospital authorities take special care to keep the area germ free by regular disinfection. In order to prevent cross infection at Global Hospital, we use barrier nursing. Care is taken to initially stabilize the burnt patients before shifting them for specialized treatments as the burn wounds get infected very fast if not taken care immediately. Therefore, for any kind of burns treatment in Ahmedabad, we are fully equipped and our department is loathed with all modern equipments such as critical beds, non – invasive monitors, bath trolleys and ventilators. Our hospital is one among the very few hospitals in Ahmedabad that is equipped with special isolation rooms to ensure minimal chances of cross infection.

This department of the hospital has a special task force in place trained particularly to care for burnt patients and their families. Our highly trained critical care burn unit comprises of experienced and compassionate multidisciplinary team of specialists skilled in critical care medicine and nursing. If you are looking for a burn surgeon in Ahmedabad or a Burns Hospital in Ahmedabad, we at Global would take care of all your needs.

Our dedicated psychiatrists also play a tremendous role to address the psychological needs of patients. A major burn survivor even if continues to live a normal life, their lives do not remain normal anymore. The changes and deformities that are visibly seen as a result of such accidents, leaves the patient to deal with it and lose confidence in self for the rest of their lives. Our psychiatry department and our counselors thus help them deal with such situations and live confidently once again.