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Bariatric is a branch of medicine that deals with the causes, prevention and treatment of obesity and the surgery conducted on the stomach and / or intestines of a person to help him / her with extreme obesity and lose weight and reach his / her ideal body weight when compared to the height and gender of the patient. The option of surgery pertaining to this anatomical disorder is called Bariatric Surgery. Those who opt for a bariatric surgery should be having a body mass index (BMI) above 40.

The decision and process of undergoing a bariatric surgery for a patient is not only a medical process but involves a great deal of emotions. Global Hospital, Ahmedabad being one of the best hospitals for such complex disorders, our team of counselors, doctors and nurses understand the emotions involved with making this choice. We dedicate our services and support required along with all the tools, equipments and necessary and correctness of information to make this health transformation an easier transit.

When faced with morbid obesity, patients look at bariatric surgery as a life saving procedure – and they’re right. At Global hospital, this entire process occurs in our facility that has been specifically designed for your privacy and comfort and to match the international medical and health standards. Therefore, if you are looking for Bariatric Surgery Hospital or Weight Loss Surgery India, Ahmedabad, Global Hospital is the right place for you.

The list of the features explains the procedures as to how the department works for wellness of its patients:
Some routine investigations that need to be conducted are
  • Complete blood count


  • Renal function test


  • Liver function test


  • Lipid profile


  • Coagulation profile


  • Arterial blood gas


  • Thyroid function test


  • Prolactin
  • Diabetic assessment tests


  • Pulmonary function test


  • Echocardiogram


  • Upper GI endoscopy


  • Sleep studies


  • Ultrasound abdomen


  • Cortisol

Though it is a known and widely used treatment technique today across the mass, but for Obesity Surgery in Ahmedabad, we at Global Hospital keep the option of surgery as the last option that a patient should consider. As explained earlier, obesity is a symptom and is a result of lifestyle disorder which over a period of time becomes a habit and a way of living from which the patient is unable to break free. As a first step to treating a patient with obesity disorder, our team of doctors and counselors prefer investing time to treat the patient with a change in their lifestyle. This process helps the patient to rebuild his/her confidence and increase his/her will power to lose weight without undergoing the physical trauma of surgery.

Bariatric Surgery

can be of several kinds depending on a series of factors to determine the type of surgery suggested for the patient. In case a surgery becomes the only mandatory treatment possible for a patient, surgeon might suggest any of the methods mentioned in the list. His suggestion would depend on various factors before reaching the final conclusion that includes,


  • Readiness of the patient.


  • The type of anatomy of the patient’s body.


  • The BMI of the patient or any other complexity as seen by the doctor during the investigation procedure.

Bariatric Surgery can be of the following types out of which the surgeon suggests his patient for best results:


  • Gastric Banding


  • Sleeve Gastrectomy


  • Gastric Bypass


  • Bilio – Pancreatic Diversion


  • Metabolic Surgery