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The word allergy is associated with the immune system of the body. The damaging of the immune system of the body to any particular substance is termed as an allergy. Allergies are present in many different forms ranging as food allergy, skin allergy, dust allergy, insect sting allergy, pet allergy, eye allergy, latex allergy, mold allergy, drug allergy etc.

The Department of allergy and immunology in Global Hospital, Ahmedabad, with great allergy specialists and immunologists provides a comprehensive and a 360 degree approach to the allergic diseases and related conditions. This is one of the best multispecialty hospitals in Ahmedabad, India, that provide services over a wide spectrum from general diagnosis to therapeutic care. We at Global Hospital evaluate and treat patients with asthma and allergies, including rhinitis, sinusitis or dermatitis, physical allergies and hypersensitivities to drugs as well. Apart from those mentioned, allergies can also extend to environmental factors, immune deficiencies, frequent infections and inflammatory diseases of other types.

At Global Hospital, India we care for and treat patients suffering from allergies under all categories with complete skin testing and injection therapy for allergies.

The department functions excellently with the acquired skills, experience and equipment to perform all diagnosis and treatment of allergies. The senior and expert physicians, with the support of a team of qualified nurses and trained paramedics compassionately care for the patients. This multispecialty hospital hosts the best in class equipments and infrastructure required to provide a complete and rational solution to its patients.

Therefore, if you want to have counseling for you or your loved ones in the family, Global Hospital has great allergist in Ahmedabad.

The features of the department include:
  • Consultation and treatment of allergies.


  • Counseling to deal with the allergies.


  • Allergic skin prick test.


  • Specific immunotherapy.