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Accident and emergency is something that spares no one and knows no discrimination. The most unfortunate yet true, this department is the most vital section of any hospital. Patients in need of the services of this department can be of any age, gender, religion or status. The kind of ailments is also variables being poles apart. Accidents not necessarily occur on the streets. It can happen anywhere in any form and with anyone around us. The Accident & Emergency department of Global Hospital is equipped to handle any such case including emergencies involving pediatrics.

All patients covered under any kind of emergency and not just accident victims are treated under immediate medical emergency efficiently and with the utmost care. Global Hospital, Ahmedabad, is one of the best hospitals with an emergency section that functions 24 x 7 and 365 days a year and commits to provide assistance to the needing patients within seconds of reaching the premises. Global Hospital, Ahmedabad provides the best possible care and treatment to the ailing patients that approach in emergency. After providing the initially required critical medical help, the patient is shifted to the specialized department for further treatment, alternatively the patient is discharged after emergency treatment and prescribing of required medication. The department is equipped to conduct several activities with well trained team of doctors and nurses qualified in advanced life support and trauma care.


The following list of features of the department helps us attain the required precision:
  • Round the clock presence of trained doctors.


  • Ambulances & ICU on wheels ambulance for critical emergencies and life support.


  • 24X7 operative trauma centre.


  • Medico legal case management.


  • Dealing with referral cases.


  • Disaster management.