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Introducing Best Knee & Other Joints Replacement System

Knee replacement and other Joint replacement are surgeries often suggested by doctors and it is becoming one of the most common surgeries these days. But what makes any Multispeciality or Superspeciality hospital best hospital in knee or joint replacement in Ahmedabad or for that matter in Gujarat, India?

Best infrastructure, best doctors, best support & nursing staff are very important aspects but what is needed is Complete System, starting from consulting to healing! Total rehabilitation of Joint in completely scientifically designed system and its implementation is what makes any hospital best joint replacement hospital.

Global Multispeciality Hospital believes in holistic treatment, focused on healing and not just treating or surgeries. Inside our focus of healing, Global Multispeciality hospital Ahmedabad, introduces +1 System, best knee and other Joint replacement system ensuring complete rehabilitation.

+1 system is a complete and customized system conceived by Global Multispeciality Hospital to serve the very intention which patients have while undergoing surgery and that is to restore their joint and healthy and balanced living.

What +1 System Covers?

    • Consulting:

      Joint replacement or Knee replacement is last resort and should always be used as last resort. Consulting is the most important part of the +1 system. Right consulting can quite often decide against surgery and if surgery is a must, the right consulting can recommend right pre-operative precaution and procedures.


    • Pre-Operative Precaution & Planning:
      Right operative procedure based on your knee or joint condition, needs extensive, customized road map.


    • Knee or Joint Replacement Surgery:

      Global multispeciality hospital can proudly say that we have the best knee surgeons of Ahmedabad. Global multispeciality hospital with its most advanced operation theater and infrastructure ensures that knee or any other joint replacement operation is done with perfect alignment and the right technique.


    • Post Operation at Hospital:

      Knee replacement surgery or Joint Replacement surgeries like any surgery needs post operative recovery plan. One of our primary focus at Global Multispeciality hospital has always been on healing, than just treating.  Being multispeciality hospital which takes pride in being one of the very few hospitals in India to have GLOBAL HEALTH STANDARDS implemented, we, at Global Multispeciality hospital are extremely cautious in post operative phase . This is the most important phase which contributes in complete healing.


    • Post Operative Exercise & Precautions:

      +1 system total knee and other joint rehabilitation key feature is that our job does not end with operation or till your stay in the hospital. We participate with you in rehabilitation of knee or joint, post knee/joint replacement operation.We work with you and ensure that you have total recovery as per rehabilitation plan.Global Multispeciality hospital invites all with issues and concerns of knee or joint to visit us for consulting. Together we shall plan complete rehabilitation of knee or any other joints.